Weather Forecaster

The job for all of us. Never wrong so never on the chopping block. Are you never wrong?


The Public

What constitutes the Public? Where does structure and support and programs of welfare stop and go funded with tax payer dollars? Are the “Arts” beyond the pale of support?


I’ve been thinking about how to get the lead out.

The Black Education Museum, Daphne AL

Penny Taylor, co-author of a new book, Images of America: Daphne, addresses the Baldwin County Historical Society today. The venue is the museum gem in Daphne, The Black Education Museum, 1000 Main St.  Signed copies of the book are available. 251-300-9132

Tire Pressure

For 3 bucks get a tire gauge and check the pressure for better gas mileage and tire wear. Very simple.

Daphne High School

20 game winning streak snapped in second half. What a ride for 6-A football in Alabama!!

Look out Playoffs.


Behind the wheel, bent awkwardly, wearing the tire to shreds is the tie-rod.

Don’t loose yours.

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